Greg Tocchini (born 1979, São Paulo, Brazil), began his career doing illustrations and short-stories for RPG magazine, Dragão Brasil. During that period he also illustrated special editions for a Trama Editorial, called Dragonesa (The Dragoness) and Anjos Caídos (Fallen Angels), as well as material for the graphic novel Fábrica de Quadrinhos vol. 01, published by Devir. He was also a professor and school coordinator at Escola de Artes Fábrica de Quadrinhos (Comics Factory School of Arts) and Quanta Academia de Artes (Quanta-Academy of Arts).

His first works for the American market were, the First, Meridian, Route666 and the mini-series Demon Wars, for Crossgen Comics , later followed by Star Wars, for Dark Horse and Marvel, Thor: Son of the Asgard, X-men, Captain America and the Falcon, Spider-Man, Dr-Spectrum & 1602: A New World (a spin-off of Neil Gaiman’s original 1602). On this mini-series he was able to create the visuals and designs of characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk and Iron-Man. For DC Comics he has done ION, with writer Ron Marz, Batman and Robin, as well as the one-shot Search For Ray Palmer: Gotham By Gaslight – which led him back to Marvel to do Odyssey and Wolverine: Father.

He was the artist for the mini-series The Last Days of American Crime written by Rick Remender, for Radical Comics.